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The collections

The national collection of Israel plant species, preserved as a seed collection, was created to provide maximum representation of the genetic diversity of each species. The seeds are collected, treated and stored under precise conditions to ensure their long-term viability. The Gene Bank’s research infrastructure is open to all public and private research institutions and is the only institution that preserves the biological and genetic diversity of all wild plants in Israel.

The Gene Bank facilities also maintain the cultivation collections of the ARO and seed collections of ARO researchers for medium and long-term periods.

The Gene Bank accepts seed collections from researchers from all institutions in Israel. For more information, please contact us at the email Dikla@igb.agri.gov.il

The Gene Bank and ARO collections include 30,000 samples from approximately 2070 different species. Around 15,000 of these samples were collected in Israel, primarily from wild populations.

There is also an extensive collection of cultivars and commercial varieties from 152 countries. The collection includes samples gathered by the ARO Introduction Unit, which preceded the Gene Bank and its responsibility to identify and investigate different cultivars that have economic agricultural value for adaptation for commercial cultivation in Israel.

Catalogs (wild species, cultivars) 





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