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Cooperation in Israel

As part of a national ecological conservation effort, the Gene Bank has a long-standing partnership with a number of national bodies charged with protecting national biodiversity and natural treasures.

In 2007, the Gene Bank began working with Israel Parks and Nature Authority (IPNA), which aims to conserve a representative sample of genetic diversity in wild populations of rare and endangered plants. The project collects, treats and conserves seeds from rare species to ensure their long-term viability. The Gene Bank also collects and propagates seeds for long-term preservation. Recently, the Gene Bank and IPNA have expanded their partnership to propagate endangered plant species that will be reintroduced to their natural habitat.

Examples of recent projects:

 Hormuzakia aggregata

Ornithogalum fuscescens Boiss. & Gaill.


Since 2009, the Ministry of Environment Protection has supported the Gene Bank initiative to conserve plant genetic diversity in damaged areas. Emphasis is on areas of intensive human activity and development, such as urban expansion and development, road construction, agricultural development and peripheral areas, coastal and kurkar (coastal sandstone) ridges at risk, including wetlands with unique ecotypes found only in these ecological niches.

The Gene Bank also collaborates with the following botanical gardens in Israel:


ARO Volcani Center HaMaccabim Road 68 , P.O.B 15159 Rishon LeZion 7528809 ISRAEL