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On Wednesday, December 3, 2014, some 5,000 cubic meters of crude oil leaked from the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Company’s oil pipeline in the vicinity of Be’er Ora. The oil flowed for about six kilometers from the point of the spill and created sub-channels until it finally reached the Evrona Nature Reserve, causing extensive ecological damage. The Israel Plant GeneBank examined the ability of of wild local species and cultivated crops to germinate and the survival capacity of the seedlings and their development in the soil contaminated by the aforementioned oil spills.

Wild relatives and cultivars

The mission and activities of the Israel Gene Bank are to provide humanity with the tools it needs to deal with future crises in the global food supply.

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להזמנת חבילות ארץ חיטה לחץ כאן

Welcome to the Israel Plant Gene Bank

The Israel Plant Gene Bank is responsible for the collection, preservation and assessment of plant species indigenous to Israel, including landraces and primitive cultivars. Our goal is to conserve representative gene pools of species whose economic potential has yet to be developed.

The base collection at the ARO contains over 26,000 accessions belonging to 1144 species. Some 12,000 of these accessions were collected in Israel, mainly from wild populations.

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For botanists and collectors

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Research and Publications

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