IGB Collections

Conserved Plant Species at IGB
• Domesticated plants gene-pools:
direct ancestors, landraces and wild relatives.
• Forage, forest and ornamental plants which
can be used as source material for breeding.
• Untapped potential for food-related,
pharmacological and chemical industries.
• Land conservation species.

The base collection at the ARO contains over 26,000 accessions belonging to 1144 species. Some 12,000 of these accessions were collected in Israel, mainly from wild populations. In addition, there is a wide collection of landraces.
The bulk of the present holdings originates from 158 countries and includes core accessions collected by the ARO's Department of Plant Introduction which predated the IGB.

In addition to the seed bank, the IGB administers three other ex-situ germplasm collections, in which plants are maintained vegetatively. These include a repository of fruit-tree clones as well as a clonal collection of spice plants , both at the ARO North Research Center at Newe Ya'ar, and an internationally renowned collection of short-day adapted Allium L. species at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot and Agricultural Research Organizastion, Volcani Center.

The fruit-tree collection
consists of some 150 accessions of Almond, Plum, Peach, Apricot, Pear and Apple, as well as clones of Fig, Pomegranate, and Grapevine. These clones originate from mixed orchards and vineyards dating to ancient Israeli agricultural systems.

The spice-plant collection
comprises some 800 accessions of species and varieties of Israeli and worldwide origin and is used as a source for breeding and research. The largest collections are those of species and cultivars of Artemisia or Wormwood, Mint, Sage as well as wild accessions, hybrids and cultivars of Origanum syriacum L., Rosemarinus officinalis L., Satureja thymbra L., and Thymus vulgaris L.

The Allium collection
at the Hebrew University and Volacani Center contains ca. 500 entries of garlic, great-headed garlic, tropical and subtropical shallot and ~40 Allium species growing wild in Israel and neighbouring areas. In addition, the collection includes 246 accessions of Garlic, A. sativum , from over 30 countries.

Allium Collecting Missions and Research Activity
Publications on the Allium Genebank in Israel, and studies based on the genetic material obtained from this Genebank (partial list)

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