Collection mission

A priority list of 323 plant species was created for ex-situ conservation in the Israel Plant Gene Bank (IGB). This list represents the most important plant species to be included in the initial collections. The list includes crop wild relatives (CWRs), selected according to their contribution to humans: edible plants (grains, vegetables, oil) forage plants species with potential industrial and biotechnological applications (e.g. spices, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, fibers, dyes), and species with horticultural and forestry potential. We further ranked the species on the basis of assessed values for each of seven characteristics: distribution range in the country abundance rarity of the growing habitats endemism red number index-- representing imminent threat of extinction availability of samples in Israeli collections, and genetic relationship to cultivated crops. The sum of the assessed values for these seven characteristics was used to group the species on the list into four main prioritized-collection schemes.

Our collection team act according to collection guide each seed sample is brought to the bank together with pressed
plant specimens and field data.
Collection form - description of the species
Collection form - habitat
In the gene bank laboratory the seed samples are processed, tested, and studied.

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