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Research projects
Collection and conservation of the native Israeli flora.
We are focusing on three types of populations:
1. Crop Wild Relatives, species that are progenitors of crops as well as species which are
closely related to crops. Used as important resource for improving agricultural production (see collection mission).
2. Land-races - Genetic material that has been utilized by humans for thousands of years and adapted to the natural
and cultural environment.
3. Rare, Endemic and endangered plants
Annual report collection 2007 ( PDF file )
Annual report collection 2008 ( PDF file )
Annual report collection 2009 ( PDF file )
Annual report collection 2010 ( PDF file )
Annual report collection 2012 ( PDF file )
Annual report collection 2013 ( PDF file )
Annual report collection 2014 ( PDF file )

Scientific project supported by the European Commission´s 6th framework programme.
Networking on conservation and use of plant genetic resources in Europe and Asia
The Israel Gene Bank ( Video )
Collection and conservation of rare endemic and endangered species of the Israeli flora.
This project is collaboration between the Israel Plant Gene Bank, the Israel Nature and
National Parks Protection Authority and the Mount Scopus Botanical Garden.
Based on the Red Book, a priority list of 300 plant species were prepared.
100 species out of them were selected to be collected in the first year.
For more information press here (Hebrew) .
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Landrace Seed Conservancy.
This project is a cooperation of the Israel Plant Gene Bank (IGB),
Biodiversity and Environmental Research Center,
Til Nablus (BERC) and Hava & Adam ecological farm.
For more information press here ( PDF file ).
Restoring Ancient Wheat
Eruca sativa as a model plant species for setting collection strategies for ex-situ conservation.

Supported Projects 2004-2005
Comparisons of phenotypic and genotypic structure between cultivars and wild populations Anemone coronaria L.
1. Yonash N., Fang j., Shamay A., Pollak N., Lavi U. and Cohen A. 2004.
Phenotypic and genotypic analysis of a commercial cultivar and wild populations of Anemone coronaria.
Euphytica 136: 51-62
2. Shamay A., Fang j., Pollak N., Cohen A., Yonash N. and Lavi U. 2005.
Discovery of c-SNPs in Anemone coronaria and assessment of genetic variation.
Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution
3. Shamay Arik. 2004.
Discovery characterization and genotyping of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) in Anemone coronaria. Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Quality Science
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Genetic of Origanum syriacum clones from different geographical regions in Israel with respect to their content of aromatic substances.
This study is in progress as a joint project of the Seed Bank and the Newe Ya'ar Research Station.
( PDF file )

Genetics of resistance to Ascochyta leaf spot in chickpea.
This study, conducted at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture , is a joint project
with the Plant Protection Institute of the ARO, in the framework of collection and characterization
of wild Cicer judaicum Boiss. in Israel.
1. Ben-David R., Abbo S. 2005.
Phenological variation among Israeli populations of Cicer judaicum Boiss.
Australian Journal of Agricultural Research 56, 1219–1225
2. Ben-David R., Lev-Yadun S., Can C., Abbo S. 2005.
Ecogeography and Demography of Cicer judaicum Boiss.,a Wild Annual Relative of Domesticated Chickpea
Crop Sci 46, 1360-1370 ( PDF file )
Genetics of resistance to wheat leaf rust in Aegilops speltoides .
This project was performed at the ICCI at Tel Aviv University.
Response to RNA viruses in pumpkin ( Cucurbita L. lines).
This study is conducted at the ARO, in the framework of the Plant Protection Institute and the IGB,
using classical and molecular tools.
(Edelstein, M., Hadas, R., Barkan, G. and Gal-On, A. (2007)
Diversity within Cucurbita maxima and C. moschata for Resistance
to RNA Viruses Cucurbit Genetics Cooperative Report 28-29: 77-78 (2005-2006)

Singer, A., Scafferman, D., Golan, S., Yadin, O., Hadad, S., Paz -Aviram, T. and Hadas, R. (2008).
Israel Plant Gene Bank. High Yield 35: 14-18, (Hebrew)
Barazani, O., Perevolotsky, A., and Hadas, R. (2008).
A problem of the rich: Prioritizing local plant genetic resources for ex-situ conservation in Israel.
Biological Conservation, 141/2: 596-600, DOI: 10.1016/j.biocon.2007.10.014.
( link )
Hadas, R., Sirota, A., Agami, M. and Horovitz, A. (2008).
Managing passport data associated with seed collections from wild populations: increasing potential for
conservation and use of crop wild relatives in Israel. In: Crop Wild Relative Conservation and Use.
(Maxted, N., Ford-Lloyd, B.V., Kell, S.P., Iriondo, J., Dulloo, E. and Turok, J. eds.) pp. 513-520. CAB International,
Wallingford UK. ( PDF file)
Hadas R. (2007). Plant Noah's ark. Agro Mashov 221:32-34, (Hebrew)
Hadas, R., Perevolotsky, A., Scafferman, D., Singer, A., and Barazani, O. (2007).
Conservation of Israel Ornamental and Forestry genetic resources.
Flower world. September-October 20-23, ( Hebrew PDF file )
HadasR. (2006). The National Israeli Gene Bank of the regional flora.
High Yield 18: 38-39, (Hebrew)
Hadas, R. and Sirota, A. (2006).
An overview of the goals and functions of The Israeli Gene Bank for Agricultural Crops.
Israel Journal of Plant Science 54: 149-156.
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Press reports
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Gene bank preserves country's flora against extinction.
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Opening of a new building Israel Plant Gene Bank.
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