Restoring Ancient Wheat
29 November 2007

Scientific Program

Restoring Ancient Wheat

Program Schedule
12:30 Dr. R. Hadas, ARO
Welcome and Israel Genebank Introduction
12:50 Dr. A. A. Jaradat, USDA - NCSC Research Lab, Morris, MN
Challenges and Strategies to Restore Fragmented
Meta-Populations of Landrace Wheat in the southern Fertile Crescent
13:30 Dr. M. Ali-Shteyah, Dr. M. Shtaya, R. Jamous, Biodiversity Environmental Research Center
Setting Up a Community Seed Bank in the Northern West Bank: Nablus District
14:00 BREAK
14:30 Dr. H. Migdadi, Dr. A. Yassin. N. Rawashdeh, NCARE Jordan
Conservation of Jordan's Landrace Wheat: Challenges and Strategies
15:00 Dr. D. Desclaux and Dr. Y. Chiffoleau, INRA-France
Participatory Plant Breeding: A way to improve and value varietal diversity
15:30 E. Rogosa, Farmer Seed Conservancy
'Restoring Ancient Wheat'
On-Farm Conservation of Landrace Wheat in the Southern Fertile Crescent
15:40 E.Rogosa, Moderator - Display and Discussion of Landrace Wheat Biodiversity
Researchers and Farmers will discuss specific landrace wheat populations, their traits, history and uses: Emmer, Hourani, Jaljuli, Nursit, and more.
16: 15 Light Refreshments with Emmer Bread Tasting baked by Yiftah Barekat

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